sabato 26 luglio 2014

Penelope... flower among flowers

Hello everyone. It's Eulalia here.
So what do you think about these new Alberto's stamps?
I think they are wonderful and I enjoyed very much to color them.
Today I present you Penelope... output from my pencils!

An angel face!

A lot of flowers...

... and you don't forget to leave a comment in the post of the new release (becoming our follower!),
  5 of you could win the whole collection.

Come on, get started to colour!!

See you soon, very soon indeed, Eulalia.

This post is dedicated to Claudio.


4 commenti:

  1. Grazie mille mammina mia! sei speciale, sempre!

    1. Ti voglio bene... sei e sarai nella mia vita per sempre!
      Ah, la "valanga" di fiori è solo per te ;-)
      xoxoxo Lallina tua... ma sempre Eulalia

  2. She is GORGEOUS! Loooooove the Vibrant Purples and a touch of lace all my Favorite!

  3. eh si... si vede che è per Alberto questa Penelope qui...